batala bermo

At the moment we have about 25 members to our band, all with different backgrounds, lifestyles and musical experience.  We are a not-for-profit organisation and all proceeds of the band go towards the provision of our instruments and costumes.  We are a family who have fun together and take pride in being part of a creation as spectacular as Batala.


Batala Bermo is part of a wider group whose creator, Giba Goncalvez originates from Brazil.  More details are available in our history.




About us


Bass Drums

The pulse and heartbeat of our band.  We play with alternating beats.  Bass 1 is tuned low and plays on the first and third beats, Bass 2 is pitched higher and replies with the second and fourth beats.  We usually play on the outside of the group and keep the rhythm for other players to follow.  This

drum is also known as the Fundo.



We are a smaller version of the bass and played with two beaters, creating the melody.  We play a particular pattern for each of the pieces, featuring the off-beat pattern regularly, creating the reggae feel.  We are the players in the front who are dancing as we play.  This drum has the alternative name of a Cutador.



We play fast and complex patterns of drumming that combine space and notes.  Many of the patterns played by us and the Hepinique are the same, with output sound being the main differentiator.  Our drum is also called a snare and is played with wooden sticks.



We give the upper-range of sound and often fill in the spaces left by the other instruments.  Our sound portrays the expressions of the songs.  Played with two flexi sticks, we call in the breaks in the rhythms and provide a "double layer" of clave to accompany the Caixas.


Our drums